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family update

We are well into 2019 and everyone is doing great! Jenni is busy running the office building she and her siblings inherited from their father when he passed in 2017. We spent the better part of 2018 catching up on maintenance and getting the empty units ready for rental. After a couple fly by night renters, things have stabilized and she has everything rented with fairly reliable tenants now. Aidan turns 16 this year and will be driving soon. Soon meaning as soon as he gets the C off his report card. He is really enjoying the MJROTC. He can already do more pull ups than I ever could and will probably overtake me height wise this year. Alyssa is in the 6th grade now. She loves to draw and loves music. In addition to singing in the school Chorus, we went to her first concert this year for her Birthday. We saw Panic at the Disco on their Pray for the Wicked tour. It was an amazing show and we had a blast! She is definitely a Brendon Urie fangirl. Next up is Twenty One Pilots. As for me, things are settling down a bit after several very hectic years at work. Still traveling between Richmond, Chicago and Lincoln a lot. I'm working towards the second happiest day in a boat owners life. Most of my update will be covered on the rest of the site. For now we'll leave it as everyone is healthy, happy and on course.

My Hobby is collecting Hobbies

The title is a little misleading. My hobbies are numerous, wide and varied but the thing that stitches them all together is a passion for lifelong learning. I love to solve puzzles and figure out how things work. Even this website started with a desire to learn Java Server Pages back and internet application back in 2010. I don't claim to be a developer, designer or graphics artist. This re-designed site is me diving into the deep end of mobile first responsive design, PHP and Amazon Web Services. If all of that sounds Greek, it's just my online playground to stay up on the ever changing technical landscape. More to come on the Hobbies front.

My creative outlet

My career and most of my hobbies require imagination. You have to start with a creative mindset. Some even have an artistic component to them. Photography is the only one that I consider primarily as an artistic outlet. Whether they are photographs that I produce with some intention or prior thought about the emotion, subject matter, composition or style to convey or general snapshots while flowing through life, these images tell stories . The best ones can tell a story in a single image. Some are, as Bob Ross' says "Happy little accidents" while others starts with some sort of plan or objective.

My sandbox

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

– Thomas A. Edison

I won't promise that the rest of this site is completely stable, I have taken steps to isolate the family content (Landing Page, SOTF, Hobbies and Photography) from my sandbox.

This is the "ninety-nine percent perspiration" portion of my site. Here are my tools and tinkerings and this is where I do my own stunts.

Enter at your own risk, watch for falling objects and keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

My web workflow is generally Atom to Github with a Jenkins Webhook to automatically push updates to the site. I maintain dev, staging and master branches and merge as updates are ready to deploy.

Workflow Diagram

I use TaigaTaiga as my Kanban board to stay somewhat organized and to keep things moving. I run a self hosted instance but they have a free hosted option also.

Some tools and projects may require you to authenticate with your Google account while other may require your Google account and a separate login obtained from me directly for collaboration.

Where redirects to other servers are required I try to alert you and provide a mechanism to easily return to where you started.

It you get stuck or lost just close the tab and start over at www.wavesliders.net.

Below are some links to tools I use frequently.

Things I'm currently messing around with are: JSP, PHP, AWS Lambda, Apache Kafka, Amazon Alexa, Node.JS and Scala.