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family update

Time for the biennial and 1/2 update :) Short and sweet. We are all doing great. Aidan is now a "Third Year" at VMI. That means sophomore at a traditional college. The Rat Line, which is like boot camp for the incoming class, was tough but he made it. Alyssa is a sophomore in High School. She is active in the Drama program and is always coming up with some new band I've never heard of. Jenni and I are adjusting to having just one under the roof. Lots of porch and fire pit time which is nice. Slowly getting back to pre-covid routines. Still working from home but that is mainly because my team is spread out across the country. Travel has not started back up yet. I don't expect it to ever get back to the level it was before.

My Hobby is collecting Hobbies

I've been pretty pleased with the site re-design. The mobile first and responsive design really held my attention as I worked through the learning curve. The whole thing is just a place muck about and keep the saw sharp as the saying goes. The home grown CMS is not as feature rich as something like WordPress or Joomla but I leaned a lot doing it from scratch. I'm still doing a garden each year. It produces more for the Squirrels than it does for us but it is nice to get out there in the morning and evening to disconnect. I have not been in the workshop much at all this summer. Dis some welding to make a grill for the Fire Pit but that is about it. One small bright spot in this whole pandemic thing is that we had pretty much gone cold turkey on eating at restaurants. We were probably eating out 3 - 4 time a week there for a while pre-pandemic and for the days we did cook we were just shopping for the day at the grocery store. Once the shelter in place hit we really tried to limit our trips to the store and shopped for a week or two at atime. I've taken the opportunity to learn some new recipes and skills. I'm learning how to make Ramen thanks to Adam Liaw, Birria and homemade sauces thanks to Claudia Regalado and my own home made Maki Sushi thanks to Hiroyuki Terada. I would not call any of the dishes pretty but they have all been delicious.My latest kick is Korean but its not a fan favorite in the house.

My creative outlet

I have pretty much not touch my camera in a year. I've got my eyes set on a Black Magic 6K Pro. It seems like video killed the still photo star. Might as well embrace it but wow, prime lenses are not cheap! For all the money I've donated to Adobe over the years, I have never really worked out a decent workflow or even standards for post processing on my photographs or videos. It's been more project by project when I need to send someone something. Definitely not a space I've invested time in to master. I ditched the Adobe Suite and replaced it with Gimp, Inkscape, Krita, Resolve and DarkTable. Still no workflow but I'm not paying $600 dollars a year to wing it and contributing back can be as simple as finding issues or correcting documentation.

My sandbox

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

– Thomas A. Edison

I won't promise that the rest of this site is completely stable, I have taken steps to isolate the family content (Landing Page, SOTF, Hobbies and Photography) from my sandbox.

This is the "ninety-nine percent perspiration" portion of my site. Here are my tools and tinkerings and this is where I do my own stunts.

Enter at your own risk, watch for falling objects and keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

Following the site redesign I shifted gears from PHP, Javascript and CSS to containers and serverless. Like a lot of people in Tech most of my day job requires a decent understanding of AWS, Google and/or Azure. I lean heavily on the big data side with Spark, Scala and Snowflake. For the Home lab It's Docker and Kubernetes.
I have TaigaTaiga and Jenkins and Gitlab moved to Docker. Working on getting K8s running with Airflow, JupyterLab and whatever else I come up with.